Juanita and Lloyd – 14 May ’11 – Beacon Island

Juanita and LloydJuanita and Lloyd were married on 14th May 2011 on Solar Beach, Robberg in Plett! 

She had jaws dropping at the sight of her bridal beauty! I think i might have even spotted a tear forming in Loyd’s eye when he first glanced at her walking down the beach accompanied first by her step-Dad and then her older Brother, sadly Juanitas’s Dad passed away some years ago, and although he was dearly missed at the blessed event, his presence was there with them throughout the day!

a gorgeous day on the beach, sun bleached beach sand and cool blue waters setting the scene, with Dolphins playfully swimming past in the background! Lloyd & Juanita’s long awaited big day was an absolute fairy tale! and what a stunning bride!!!

Followed by an unforgettable reception in a Bedouin tent on the lawns of Beacon Island Hotel (same venue Freddy & I got married!) with sage and lilac accents, roses, orchids, lace, rustic wooden tables, white tiffany chairs, fairy lights, lanterns, bonfires and the whispering waves in the background! Another magical evening with a couple so in love, they can barely tare their eyes off each other long enough to mingle! Although surely they never wanted the night to end, they probably couldn’t wait for their amazing honeymoon in Thailand!!! 

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Desmond Roux
17 October 2012

Congratulations to Lloyd and Juanita. Lloyd did mine and my wifes wedding there on the 14 March 2009 and what a beautiful event. As far we understand it was the first done on the beach there and has been a growing destination for the weddings. Lloydd and the staff at the Beacon Isle hotel are very professional and everything that evening was beautiful and perfect. We wish Lloyd and his beautiful bride all the best in the future.

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